'How I became a Saint' - Brinsley Saleken (Vancouver, Canada)

Brinsley lives in Vancouver......7,574km from Southampton!

TSP Patron, Brinsley Saleken, lives in Vancouver - on the West Coast of Canada.

At over 7,500kms from Southampton, you may be wondering where his great love of Saints came from?

Well, wait no longer, as Brinsley explains all in our first 'How I became a Saint'.

"My support of Saints was based on an extensive search into family history - in particular where they had lived before leaving the UK for Canada in the early 1900s.

Back in 2013 we had decided to find an EPL team to support, with the essential criteria being that it needed to be based in an area my family had lived at some point.

We had the family tree going back many many years, but couldn’t necessarily find a 'front runner' Club through that.

We had narrowed it down to a couple teams, but the deal was finally sealed when I found this attached postcard in some papers that I inherited from my Great Grannie.

Bargate, Southampton

As soon as I saw it, my mind was made up!

Ever since then I have been a die-hard Saints fan.

I get up at 7am (or sometimes as early as 4am!) to watch every match from Vancouver.

We went to a match at St. Mary's a few years back - and can’t wait to make further trips one day.

On the back of the postcard was a note written from my Great Grannie to my Great Grandfather, who was in the British Military over in India.

The family had just sold their home - which was in the Southampton area - and remained in the City, until heading to Canada for a new life.

Brinsley's Great Grannie saw the Titanic sail out of Southampton on 10th April 1912

What I hadn’t noticed, until a few years after discovering the postcard, was at the bottom it stated that they had watched the Titanic sail out of Southampton!

A neat tie in, but also maybe a foreshadowing of the 'ups and downs' that being on the Saints 'rollercoaster' would bring as well!?

Anyway, I should have known any team I picked would bring a mixture of joy and pain.

Why? Because I am a life long Vancouver Canucks fan (Ice Hockey) - and we are cresting 50 years of utter disappointment (I am 47!) as well!

In any event, the team(s) ultimately choose you!

Your job is to support them through thick and thin.

True for my first love the Canucks and equally true of my beloved Saints.

Ultimately, I'd not change either of them - and am proud of the history my family have with the City"

Article by Brinsley Saleken


(Photos are property of Brinsley Saleken and should not be reused without his prior written permission)

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