'Red & White Insight' #2 - feat. Saints MD, Toby Steele

Toby Steele (Managing Director) joined Saints in 2016

Following on from the very first 'Red & White Insight' (which featured Saints CEO Martin Semmens - and can be found here), Total Saints Podcast were delighted to welcome Toby Steele along for October's edition.

Having originally joined Saints in 2016 (as Finance Director), Toby currently operates as Managing Director at St. Mary's.

In our exclusive chat, which will be available via TSP133 (released on Monday 26th October), discussion covers the Club's finances - including the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic - the recent summer transfer window, Theo Walcott, Pay-Per-View, 'Project Big Picture' and much more!

As is often the way with Toby, his answers consistently achieve a solid mix of both positivity and realism, resulting in an interesting listen.

Don't forget, should you wish to listen, Total Saints Podcast is available via all the normal channels, including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, SoundCloud and acast.

Article by Ben Stanfield


(Photo by Matt Watson, Southampton FC)

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