TSP - The Back Catalogue!

A Total Saints patron got in touch earlier this week to enquire about the fastest way to find some of our previous TSP episodes, as he was keen to re-live a few of them again during the current UK lockdown.

To assist him - and maybe yourself as well - we've created a list below of some of our stand-out podcasts from the last few years.

The TSP back catalogue:

  • TSP60 - Grant Coleman (ex-Radio Solent)

  • TSP62 - Jim McCalliog

  • TSP68 - Glenn Cockerill

  • TSP74 - Dave Puckett

  • TSP87 - Antti Niemi

  • TSP102 - Shelly Provan (Southampton FC Women's Team Captain)

  • TSP104 - Matt Le Tissier

  • TSP108 - Eric Martin

  • TSP110 - James Beattie

  • TSP111 - Neil Maddison

  • TSP113 - Terry Paine

  • TSP114 - Dave Merrington

  • TSP116 - The Dell Years (a tribute to our former stadium)

  • TSP117 - Danny Ings

  • TSP118 - Neil Heaney

  • TSP127 - Martin Semmens (Southampton FC's CEO)

  • TSP128 - Ralph Hasenhüttl

  • TSP133 - Toby Steele (Southampton FC's Managing Director)

  • TSP136 - Martin Semmens (Southampton FC's CEO)

  • TSP140 - Greg Baker (Head of the Saints Foundation)

  • TSP141 - Rickie Lambert

  • TSP150 - Lawrie McMenemy (released w/c 15/2/21)

You'll also be able to find a number of 'TSP - International Supporter Club' features from 2020/21 as well. These cover Argentina, Bulgaria, Norway, India, Australia, and Greece - with more to come soon!

Where to find TSP?

Here are some direct links to the various Total Saints Podcast channels: acast: here

Amazon Music: here

iTunes: here

SoundCloud: here

Spotify: here

Article dated: 14/02/2021

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